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Somatic Zen - Beginner's Mind [The Secular Spirit] [trauma treatment] [Xllibris] [Trauma Research] [Epitaph For Marxism] [Body Mind Community]
May 22nd, 2009
06:11 pm
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Somatic Zen
Somatic Zen

There is a meditation you can do that will access trauma imprints.
It is called "inner body sensing".

Why would anyone want to do that?

The reason is that trauma imprints are what make you uncomfortable in your body.

Three symptoms of being uncomfortable in your body (there are others) are:
(a) sex is your deepest bodily experience;
(b) you love those out-of-body-experiences like channeling and communion with "manifesting masters"; and
(c) you like the philosophy of Jacques Derrida.

Alice Miller gives the overview of where trauma imprints come from: harsh child-rearing practices.

Animal ethology gives the theory of how trauma imprints work. They are mammalian programs of the body designed to free us from threat.

The core of the meditation is a zen-like stillness (actually, "zen" is the Japanese word for the Sanskrit word "dhyana", which simply means "attention") in which you access, not reality in general, not just "anything", but you narrow the focus of your attention to what is going on in your body.

You make yourself open to the sensory traces of trauma imprints.

It takes a little training to get good at this.

There is a cautionary note. You have to be very relaxed and go very slowly. If you are careless about accessing these sensory traces, you can trigger a re-enactment of the original event.

But if you are careful, you can allow the body to complete the escape response that was frustrated in the original trauma. This produces a significant whole-body relaxation, a much fuller access to all your native abilities.

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